Iraq War Survey: Withdrawing Troops is Right Decision

This week, President Obama announced that all US troops will leave Iraq by the end of the year. Americans and leaders showed mixed reactions about this decision, but mixed feelings seem to be a common theme among every decision made about the War in Iraq. Do most Americans support the president’s decision, or is this another in a long line of missteps?


From the Beginning

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 42.8% of respondents said they were never supportive of the War in Iraq. 16.8% said that they had been supportive at some point over the past 10 years, and 25% said they were mostly supportive of the war since it began.

The Men in Charge

The war itself isn’t winning any popularity contests, and neither are the leaders who have been in power since its start. When asked how President Obama has handled the war thus far, 37% were neutral or had no opinion. 12% said he’s handled it very poorly, 18.8% said he’s handled it poorly, 19.3% said he’s handled it well, and 13% said he’s handled it very well.

Former President Bush fared slightly worse, with 29.8% saying he handled the war very poorly. 21.3% said he handled it poorly, 24% were neutral or had no opinion, 17% said he handled it well, and 8% said he handled it very well.

The Right Decision

Part of President Obama’s more favorable outcome may very well be due to his most recent decision. 62.3% of respondents said that his decision to withdraw troops from Iraq this year was the right call. Only 16.3% said it was the wrong call, 15.5% had no opinion, and 6% were not even aware of this story.

Whether you were in favor of the Iraq War or not, it’s almost over. Troops are preparing to return home in time for the holidays and many Americans are very happy about that, at least.

Photo Credit: iraq from Flickr

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