Kate Plus 8 Survey: Americans Not Upset About Cancellation

Kate Plus 8, formerly known as Jon and Kate Plus 8 before the title couple’s split, will not return for a ninth season according to TLC. The show chronicled the life of parents Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight children. Throughout the show’s 150-episode run, it gained a large audience as well as a lot of criticism.

jon and kate plus eight

The Audience

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 5.7% of respondents said they watch Kate Plus 8 regularly, and an additional 29.6% said they have watched it occasionally. Additionally, the majority of Americans at least knew about the show and its premise. Of all those people, opinions about the show were pretty varied. 8.7% of respondents said Kate Plus 8 was just a cute show about a family and 8.2% said it was entertaining, while 15.9% said they felt the show was terribly exploitative and 14.9% said it was sad.

The Cancellation

An additional 48.2% of respondents said the show was simply never of any interest to them, and 64.7% of respondents have never watched it. So it shouldn’t be surprising that when asked about the show’s cancellation, 75.1% said they felt no emotional reaction whatsoever. 19.2% said they were happy it will be off the air, and only 5.7% are sad to see it go.

Reality TV

Kate Plus 8 is just the latest in a long line of reality shows that have come and gone. There are so many different types of reality shows that Americans watch regularly. 35.6% of respondents regularly watch talent competition shows such as American Idol, 28.9% regularly watch law enforcement or military shows such as COPS, 23.6% watch shows that follow people and families through everyday life such as Kate Plus 8, 23.1% watch makeover or lifestyle change shows such as The Biggest Loser, and 10.7% watch dating shows such as The Bachelor. Overall, 25.9% said they watch reality TV regularly and 40.5% watch it occasionally. 33.6% said they never watch it.

Whether you were a loyal fan or a harsh critic of Kate Plus 8, the show gained a lot of attention through the course of its eight seasons. TLC has left the door open for the possibility of future specials so that fans can check in on the Kate and the kids. Only time will tell if America has really seen the last of the Gosselins.

Photo Credit: Where’s Jon? from Flickr

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