Klout Survey: Social Networking Users Concerned About Privacy

Klout is a social media ranking site that measures users’ influence within their own social network. Recently, many have expressed concern over some of the site’s practices, including the fact that they sometimes create profiles for social media users who haven’t actually signed up for Klout, so that their connections who do use Klout can easily invite new users. How concerned are social networking users with privacy issues like this?


Privacy Concerns

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 71% of respondents said that privacy is very important to them in regards to social networking. 24% said that it is somewhat important, 4% said it’s not very important, and only 1% said it’s not important at all.

Phantom Profiles

When social networking users were asked what they would think if a site created a profile using their name and information, 72.5% they would feel like their privacy was violated, 60.5% said they would be angry, 33.5% said they would be confused, and only 2.5% said they wouldn’t care.

Klout’s Clout

Only 4.5% of respondents said they currently have a Klout account, and another 2% know what Klout is. 93.5% had never heard of Klout. Of those who do know of the site, 30.8% said they find it very useful and interesting, 38.5% said they like it but don’t use it much, 15.4% don’t really get it, and another 15.4% don’t know enough to have an opinion yet. No users said they do not like Klout.

Klout has admitted that creating phantom profiles was a misstep. Could that affect Klout’s future success, or will users look past it if Klout changes their privacy standards?

Photo Credit: Klout from Flickr

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