Left Handers Survey: More Left Handed Products Would Be Welcomed

August 13 is International Left Hander’s Day, a day for southpaws to show some left handed pride. But there are still some difficulties that left handers have to face sometimes. For instance, many products, from scissors and notebooks to car cupholders, are made mainly with right handers in mind. So what do people think about being left handed? And what are some of the common traits that people associate with southpaws?

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Left Handers

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 14% of respondents said they are left handed. 81% are right handed. And 6% are actually ambidextrous. But most left handers don’t seem to mind that they’re in the minority; 75% said they like being left handed. But 50% also agreed that being left handed puts them at a disadvantage in some situation.

Left Handed Products

Using certain types of products can definitely be one of the challenges of being left handed. 73% of left handers feel that most products are made specifically for right handers. And just 27% think that there are enough options for left handed products out there. Some of the products that people go out of their way to buy left handed versions of include scissors, notebooks and computer mouses.

Personality Traits

Some people also think that many left handers share certain personality traits. The most common trait that non-southpaws tend to associate with left handers is creativity; 39% of right handers and ambidextrous respondents said they associate left handedness with creativity. 26% associate it with intelligence. 16% do so with leadership. 14% associate it with strong athletic ability. And 5% shared other associations, such as being fun and unique.

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Results were collected on August 12 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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