Libya Survey: Americans Satisfied with Limited Role in Conflict

Libyan rebels and loyalists of Moammar Gadhafi have been fighting in the streets of Tripoli for days. Rebels plan to overthrow the dictator and gain control of Libya, with some limited help from the US and other countries.


What Conflict?

Though Libya has frequented major news outlets for months, some Americans are still unaware of the situation. In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, only 22.8% of respondents said they have been following the news out of Libya since the very beginning. 37% said they catch some coverage here and there. 24% said they hear things, but don’t pay much attention. And 16.3% said, “What conflict in Libya?”

Foreign Policy

The US has played a limited role in the offensive against the Ghadafi regime, not sending any ground troops to the country and mainly just supporting the rebels in their efforts. 38.3% of respondents said this was the right route for the US to take. 22% said that the US should have not gotten involved at all, and only 4.3% said the US should have played a more active role from the start.

When asked about the Obama administration’s foreign policy efforts as a whole, 44.5% of respondents felt neutral or had no opinion. Only 7.8% thought he’s handled foreign policy very well, 16% thought he’s handled it well, 17.5% thought he’s handled it poorly, and 14.3% thought he’s handled it very poorly.

Overthrowing Dictators

When a dictator or leader like Gadhafi is violating the human rights of the people in his country, what should the US do? Should we even get involved at all, or just mind our own business? 21.5% of respondents said we should just stay out of it. 30% said we should try handling it diplomatically without military action. 22.3% said we should support rebels from the country if they start an uprising, but don’t play a leading role. And only 5.8% said we should lead a full-on offensive to oust the dictator.

Rebels are confident that Gadhafi will be brought down soon. Unfortunately, there’s no telling when the next Gadhafi-like leader will need to be brought to justice. What role will the US play then?

Photo Credit: LIBYA from Flickr

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