Lion King 3D Survey: Not Everyone Headed to Theaters

This weekend marks the release of The Lion King 3D in theaters around the country. The re-release of the classic Disney animated film has a lot of fans excited, but will the limited two-week release bring in a lot of viewers?

the lion king

It’s Been Seen

Originally released in 1994, The Lion King is one of the most loved Disney animated films. In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 79.5% of respondents said they’ve seen the film before, and only 20.5% have not. In general, 82% of respondents usually enjoy Disney movies such as The Lion King. 6% do not enjoy them, and 11.8% were indifferent. A measly 0.3% have never seen a Disney movie.

Going to the Movies

The only difference in The Lion King that is now in theaters is the fact that it will be presented in 3D. 43% of respondents believe this will enhance the film in some way, but 28% believe that it won’t. 29% had no opinion.

As far as enjoying the general movie-going experience, 44.5% of respondents said they rarely go to the movies. 21% said they go regularly, but less than once per month. 18.3% said they go about once a month, 5.8% said they go weekly or more, and 10.5% said they never go.

The Re-Release

So despite the fact that most people have seen it before and rarely go to the movies, will people make a trip to the theater to see The Lion King? 16.8% said they definitely plan to go, and 20.8% said they will consider it. The majority, 62.5% said they do not plan to go see The Lion King 3D.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll see the reception The Lion King receives as it is shown in theaters throughout the country. Will fans flock to theaters or decide to skip the expensive 3D tickets and just stay home?

Photo Credit: Lion King from Flickr

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