Local Beer Survey: Other Local Beverages More Popular

Beer drinkers have the opportunity to purchase beverages from all around the world. But currently, it seems that more and more beer consumers are going local. According to data from Nielsen, local beer options are especially popular with craft beer drinkers. So how many consumers are likely to purchase local beer compared with other domestic and import options? We asked 1,000 respondents on September 14-16 about their beverage purchases and their thoughts on local beer.

local beer

Beer Consumers

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 11% of respondents said they last drank beer within the past day. 14% have within the past week. 11% have within the past month. 6% have in the past three months. 5% have drank beer in the past year. 11% said it’s been more than a year since they last drank beer. And 41% said they aren’t beer consumers.

In general, 52% of respondents said that their favorite beer brands are domestic. 32% enjoy import beers. 17% said that their favorite beers are local. And 19% have other favorite beers or were unsure how to categorize their favorites. Bud Light, Heineken, Miller, Coors, Corona, Sam Adams, Michelob and Blue Moon were some of the popular beer brands mentioned by respondents.

Local Beer

Currently, just 4% of beer drinkers said they drink beer produced in their state or region every time they drink beer. 12% drink local beer most of the time. 19% drink it about half the time. 32% said they rarely ever drink local beer. 16% never do. And 19% were unsure.

But looking forward, those trends could change. 3% of respondents said that they like to try new beers every time they drink beer. 11% try new beers most of the time. 22% do so about half the time. 49% said they rarely ever try new beers. And 15% never do.

Local Beverages

More generally, 57% of overall respondents said they regularly drink coffee. 55% drink soda regularly. 50% drink tea. 48% drink juice. 26% drink wine. 21% drink liquor or mixed drinks. And just 6% don’t have any of those beverages regularly.

Overall, 9% of respondents said that they always drink beverages that are produced in their state or region. 12% do so most of the time. 17% drink locally produced beverages about half the time. 20% rarely ever drink any local beverages. 16% never do. And 26% are unsure. Of those who drink other local beverages at least half the time, 9% said they only ever drink local beer, as opposed to beer produced in other parts of the country or world. And 18% drink local beer most of the time.

Key Takeaways

Local beers may be getting more popular. But they still aren’t as prevalent as nationwide domestic beers or even import beers. In fact, local beverages in other categories such as coffee and soda are more popular than local beers. However, those other local beverages could present opportunities for regional beer brands or beer companies looking to appeal to more local audiences. Since those who buy other local beverages are also more likely to be interested in local beer, those beer companies could potentially benefit by placing their products in local stores alongside those other local beverages. Or they could even partner with other local beverage producers in marketing materials in order to position their products favorably to local audiences.

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Photo Credit: A gift from the Colorado beer fairy by Chris Schrier under CC BY 2.0

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Results were collected on September 14-16 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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