Made in America Survey: Most Will Pay Extra for Some American Products

Google recently announced that its Moto X smartphone will be made in America at an added cost of just $4 per phone, even though many other brands continue to produce their phones and electronics overseas. How do Americans feel about the cost of products that are made in America? And is it worth it to them to pay a little extra for these products?

made in america

Shopping Preferences

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 39% of US respondents said that it’s very important to them to buy products that are made in America. 46% said it’s somewhat important to them to buy American made products. 10% said they don’t find it very important. And 5% said that buying American made products isn’t important to them at all.

But those American made products often come with slightly higher price tags. So even though the vast majority of consumers find it important to buy American made products, just 21% said they would definitely pay slightly higher prices to buy American made products. 60% said that they would pay slightly higher prices to buy American made products only in some cases. And 19% said they wouldn’t pay more to buy American made products.

Buying American

So how often do these types of purchases actually happen? Just 7% of respondents said they always buy products that are made in America. 34% said that most of the products they buy are made in America. 38% said they sometimes buy American made products. And 1% said they never buy American made products. 21% of respondents said they don’t really pay attention to where their purchases come from. Of those who said that buying American made products is important to them, just 8% said they always buy American made products, and 39% said they do so most of the time.

American Products

Of those who buy American made products, 76% said they often try to buy food products that are made in America. 57% said they try to buy American made clothing and accessories. 45% buy American made appliances and furniture. 41% buy American made automobiles. 35% buy American made electronics. And 10% buy other types of American made products such as toys and personal care products.

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Results were collected on August 28 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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