Moammar Gadhafi Survey: Evil Leader Killed This Week

The Death of Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi took the world by storm this week. The dictator had come under fire this year for human rights violations, among other things, and many feel the world will be a better place now that he is gone. Some others feel that there should be an inquiry into the circumstances of his death.

moammar gadhafi

Better Off

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 85.3% of respondents were aware of Gadhafi’s death this week. 7.3% were not, and 7.5% did not even know who Gadhafi was. Of those who knew of him, 20% said they feel safer now that he has been killed, 14.6% feel happy, 8.1% feel sad as they would for any death, and 51.9% feel indifferent.

The Skeptics

Another 20.3% feel skeptical about the circumstances surrounding his death. 16.8% believe there should be an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death, 41.6% believe there shouldn’t be, and 41.6% were undecided.

Who Was Gadhafi?

When asked their opinion of Gadhafi, 42.7% said he was evil, 41.9% of respondents said he was dangerous, 38.4% said he was crazy, and 32.7% said he was not a good leader. Only 1.4% believe he was a good leader, and 3.2% said he was not as bad as most people thought. 29.2% didn’t have any opinion of him at all.

Now that Gadhafi is gone, Libyans may have a chance to rebuild their country. What will the US’s involvement be in this process? And will there ever be an investigation into the death of the former leader?

Photo Credit: Libya from Flickr

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