Movie Promotions Survey: Fewer People Buying Movies, Tickets in Recent Years

The movie industry has been heavily impacted by new technology, and not necessarily in a good way. But although downloads and streaming may be causing fewer people to buy movies and movie tickets, online trailers and social media could be slowly beginning to counteract those effects. How are Americans’ movie watching habits changing, and are any online movie promotions getting through to them?

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Movie Habits

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 16% of respondents said that they go to the movies more often than they did five years ago. 35% said that they go to movie theaters less often than they did five years ago. 25% said that they go to see movies just as often as they did five years ago. And 25% said that they never go to the movies.

17% of respondents said that they buy movies in DVD or Blu-Ray form more often than they did five years ago. 27% said they buy movies less often than they did five years ago. 28% said they buy movies just as often. And 28% said that they never buy movies.

New Technology

19% of consumers said that they often download or stream movies online, or purchase digital copies of movies. 27% said that they sometimes download, stream, or buy digital movies. 24% said they rarely do this. And 31% said that they never download or stream movies online. Of those who said they buy fewer movies now than they used to, 21% said they often watch movies online, and 32% said they sometimes do.

Online Trailers

But online videos don’t necessarily need to hinder movie sales. Sites like YouTube can help movies gain attention by providing easy access to trailers and other promotional materials. 19% of consumers said that they often watch movie trailers online on sites like YouTube. 37% said they sometimes watch movie trailers online. 25% said they rarely watch movie trailers online. And 19% said they never watch trailers online.

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Results were collected on December 19 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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