Music Streaming Survey: Streaming Services Compete With Digital Downloads

Americans have always enjoyed buying music in different formats, whether it be records, CDs, or songs on iTunes. But now many Americans, particularly young people, have begun streaming music more often. How does music streaming affect people’s buying habits? And how many consumers stream music often?

music streaming

Music Streaming

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 9% of US consumers said they stream music daily. 18% of respondents said they stream music online fairly often. 29% said they stream music sometimes. 16% said they rarely stream music. And 29% said they have never streamed music online. Respondents under 24 were much more likely to stream music online. Only 11% of those consumers said they’ve never streamed music.

Many mobile devices also offer streaming capabilities, though it may be used less often. Only 4% of respondents said they stream music daily using a mobile device. 9% stream music using a mobile device fairly often. 15% stream music on mobile devices sometimes. And another 16% rarely stream music using mobile devices. 56% have never streamed music using a mobile device.

Buying Habits

Music streaming and digital downloads have slowed down the sale of physical music formats like CDs. Only 9% of consumers said they have purchased a CD within the last month. 11% have purchased a CD in the last six months. 16% have purchased a CD within the last year. 19% bought their last CD one or two years ago. 13% bought their last CD three or four years ago. 18% bought their last CD over five years ago. And 15% bought their last CD over ten years ago.

Digital Downloads

Digital music downloads may be more popular in recent years, but they still don’t hold the popularity that CDs once did, and music streaming has also likely affected sales. 15% of consumers said they’ve purchased music from iTunes or a similar service within the last month. 11% said they’ve purchased music digitally within the last six months. 9% have purchased digital music within the last year. 8% made their last purchase one or two years ago. 5% made their last purchase three or four years ago. 3% made their last purchase over five years ago. And 50% of consumers have never purchased music digitally.

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Results were collected on June 18 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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