Netflix Survey: Ending Quickster Was the Right Call

Netflix’s customer base has depleted significantly in recent months, due to price increases and the introduction of Quickster, the new brand that was to take over DVD rentals for the company. Customers were less than thrilled with these new changes, to say the least, and the worth of the company decreased as a result. Then, Netflix decided to reverse its decision to roll out Quickster, and nixed the brand instead. Could this decision help repair Netflix’s tarnished brand, or has the damage already been done?


Nixing Quickster

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 32.8% of respondents said that getting rid of Quickster was the right move for Netflix, and they were glad the company could admit its mistake. Only 11.3% said that it was the wrong move, and Netflix should have stuck to its original plan instead of folding to customer complaints.

A Tarnished Image

32.8% of respondents said their opinion of Netflix has changed for the worse after the price increases and introduction of Quickster. 30.8% said they don’t think any less of Netflix, and 36.5% said they never really had an opinion of Netflix.

In an earlier survey performed when Netflix first announced Quickster, 20.2% thought it was a bad idea, and another 33.6% were still angry with the recent price increases. On top of that, 44.2% of current Netflix subscribers were at least considering cancelling their accounts due to the changes.

What Next?

Though Netflix has gotten rid of Quickster, it is sticking by its price changes that went into effect this September. However, 34.8% of respondents said the company’s next move should be to reduce the prices back down to where they were pre-Quickster. Another 14.3% said that it should completely reinvent and improve its service in order to gain back customer loyalty. But 16.5% said that it shouldn’t really change anything – it should just continue to offer DVDs and streaming like it does now.

There’s no denying that Netflix has been catching some negative attention lately, but maybe with the letting go of Quickster, that is all behind them. But will customers be quick to forgive the company?

Photo Credit: Netflix en Windows Media Center from Flickr

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