New: Facebook integration

If you’d like to collect feedback from your clients, colleagues, fans, or friends, we’ve created an easy way to integrate your survey into Facebook — and it’s completely free. Your respondents won’t have to leave their Facebook page to complete your survey, and the responses will stream directly to your statistics page in your AYTM account.

First, create your survey using the ListSurvey option.

At the bottom of the survey draft, click “Checkout.” This will take you to the “Launch Survey” page.

On the “Launch Survey” page, click the “Facebook” button.

The dialog box below will pop up. Log into the Facebook account to which you’d like to post your survey, and be sure to fill in your message above the survey link. Once you click “Share,” your in-Facebook survey is live, delivered with the user-experience quality of AYTM.

Featured photo credit: “Facebook HQ, by eston” by Marco Paköeningrat, used under CC BY-SA 2.0