New: smart “Not Applicable” checkboxes

Checkbox question types are great for when you have a list of options with more than one possible answer. Sometimes, however, the list may not apply to a respondent, so they would appreciate a “not applicable” or “none of the above” option.

When you enable the N/A (not applicable) option, either in a pre-qualification question or in the body of your survey, it creates an automatic “None of the Above” answer response with additional capabilities. If a respondent chooses this answer response, it greys out all of the other choices, eliminating the possibility of choosing conflicting responses. The N/A option also comes with its own skip logic built in, so you can easily reroute respondents to more applicable questions.

The N/A option is also always anchored at the bottom of the answer list, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to enable this option.

Featured photo credit: “None of the Above (NOTA)” by Descrier, used under CC BY 2.0