New Technology Survey: Vast Majority Expect Future Improvements

New technology is continually changing the way we do just about everything. Tech companies are constantly trying to come up with the newest, most innovative gadgets for consumers. But how often do people actually purchase these tech products? And how much would they say technology has impacted their lives?

new technology

New Technology

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 36% of respondents said they are very interested in new technology. 51% said they are somewhat interested in new technology. 8% said they generally aren’t very interested in new technology. And just 5% said they are not interested in new technology at all.

Tech Purchases

But general interest doesn’t always translate into sales. Just 5% of respondents said they purchase tech products or gadgets at least once per month. 21% said they make tech purchases every few months. 29% said they purchase new technology once or twice per year. 24% said they make these purchases every few years. 17% said they rarely make new tech purchases. And 4% said they never buy new technology.

Improving Lives

In general, 75% of respondents said they believe technology has definitely improved their lives. Just 9% said they don’t believe technology has improved their lives at all. And 16% were undecided.

Looking forward, 39% said they definitely think that new technology will improve lives over the next 20 years. 50% said they think technology will probably improve their lives in the future. 10% said technology probably won’t have a positive impact in the next 20 years. And just 2% said it definitely won’t.

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Results were collected on April 22 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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