New Year’s Resolution Survey: People Relying More on Apps

As 2016 gets underway, lots of people will begin working on their new year’s resolutions. While these goals or objectives can vary from trying to get healthier to getting a promotion at work, it seems that many people take a new year to mean a fresh start that can help them achieve whatever they set out to do. So how many people have new year’s resolutions for 2016? And how many kept the resolutions that they set last year?

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New Year’s Resolution

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 19% of respondents said that they have set multiple resolutions for 2016. 14% said they have just one resolution for this year. 13% said they haven’t set one yet, but might still choose to do so. And 54% have no plans to make a new year’s resolution for 2016.

In general, health seems to be a major area of interest for people setting resolutions, as it has been in past years. 63% of those who have set new year’s resolutions for this year said that their resolutions are health related. 46% are interested in establishing new good habits. 44% made resolutions related to their finances. 44% want to improve certain aspects of their personal lives. 28% want to quit bad habits. 19% have hobby related resolutions. And 15% have resolutions related to their career or schooling.

Keeping Resolutions

There are plenty of different tools that people can use to track and stick with their resolutions throughout the year. 58% said that they are likely to use websites to help keep their 2016 resolutions. 48% said they are likely to use apps. 43% are likely to use books. 53% said they are likely to need other supplies or equipment in order to keep their resolutions throughout the year. And 34% plan to sign up for memberships or subscriptions of some kind. Compared to last year, respondents are 7% more likely to use apps this year, but 10% less likely to use websites and 11% less likely to use books, according to a January 2015 survey.

2015 Resolutions

Looking back, 13% of respondents said they had multiple new year’s resolutions for 2015. Another 11% said they had just one resolution. 66% didn’t have any. And 11% were unsure. Of those who set new year’s resolutions last year, 29% said they kept them throughout the entire year. 51% said they only somewhat stuck to their 2015 resolutions. And 20% didn’t stick to them at all.

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Results were collected on January 2 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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