Nutritional Information Survey: Most Think Restaurants Should Have to Provide Nutrition Facts

As some Americans become more and more health conscious, many restaurants have begun to include nutritional information on their menus. Now, even some vending machines have started posting calorie counts so that consumers know what they’re buying before making a decision. Do most Americans think it should be required for different types of restaurants and vending machines to make this nutritional information available?

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In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 61% of respondents said they often eat at fast food restaurants. 47% said they often eat at dine-in restaurants. And 39% said they often go to carryout restaurants.

Overall, 41% of consumers said they think restaurants should be required to include nutritional information directly on their menus. Another 41% said they think this information should be available upon request. 10% said they don’t think restaurants should be required to provide nutritional information to customers at all. And 9% had no opinion. Those who frequent fast food restaurants were 5% more likely to think that restaurants should have to provide nutritional information to customers.

Vending Machines

13% of respondents said they frequently buy food from vending machines. Overall, 49% of respondents said they think vending machines should have to post calorie counts or other nutritional information for the drinks or snacks inside. 26% said they should not have to post this information on vending machines. And 25% had no opinion. Of those who frequent vending machines, 40% said they should have to provide calorie counts, and 40% think they should not have to provide any nutritional information.

Grocery Stores

Of course, in grocery stores this type of nutritional information has always been readily available. But just 19% of consumers said they always pay attention to nutritional information when buying food at grocery stores. 29% said they pay attention to nutritional information most of the time when shopping. 25% said they look at nutritional information about half the time. 20% said they rarely pay attention to nutritional information in stores. And 9% said they never look at nutritional information.

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Results were collected on October 9 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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