Online Classes Survey: More Open to Taking Classes in the Future

Many Americans went back to school this week, from preschoolers to college students. For those in college or trade schools, online classes are becoming more and more popular thanks to new technology and schedule flexibility. How many people have already taken online classes and how many might be interested in doing so in the future?

online classes

Online Classes

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 25% of respondents said they have taken multiple online classes. 11% said they have taken just one online class. And 64% have never taken any online classes. Those who have attended at least some college were 7% more likely to have taken multiple online classes and 4% more likely to have taken one.

Online Programs

68% of those who have taken online classes have done so as part of a college program. 21% have taken general learning classes online. 10% have taken online classes as part of a trade school or certificate program. Another 10% have taken online classes for high school. And 8% have taken other types of online classes, like those for employer based training.

Future Students

Looking forward, 18% of respondents said they definitely plan to take college or higher education classes at some point in the future. 28% said they will probably take some classes in the future. 30% said they probably won’t. And 25% said they definitely don’t plan to take any college or higher education classes.

Of those who may attend college in the future, 40% said they are definitely interested in taking online classes. 50% said they would probably be interested in taking online classes. 8% said they probably wouldn’t. And just 2% said they definitely wouldn’t be interested in any online classes.

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Results were collected on September 5 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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