Online Dating Survey: Americans Split on Best Sites

Online dating is a growing trend, but many still have not taken the leap. Each dating site claims to be responsible for many relationships, but how happy are online daters, really? And are there any sites better than the rest?

online dating

Not Ready to Leap

The majority of respondents in Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey still have yet to try online dating, and most of those say they never will. Of the 73.8% who have not tried online dating, 69.2% said they would not consider trying it at some point. Only 4.4% said they would definitely consider it, and 26.4% said maybe.

Customer Satisfaction

Of the remaining 26.3% who have tried online dating, the most popular site was (used by 39% of respondents), followed by 23.8% who used eHarmony and 23.8% who used OKCupid. Zoosk, Chemistry, and local or special interest sites were slightly less popular.

Overall, users were pretty split on their satisfaction with online dating. 46.7% were neutral about their experience, 25.7% were satisfied or very satisfied, and 27.6% were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied. Most of the sites followed this general pattern, with no clear standout winners or losers in terms of satisfaction.

Creating relationships

The whole purpose of online dating is to find your match, so is that goal being accomplished? 21% of online dating users said they are currently in a relationship thanks to online dating sites. 39% said they are currently in a relationship no thanks to online dating sites, and 40% said they are not currently in a relationship.

It seems the jury is still out on the pros and cons of online dating sites. Despite the mixed reviews, the trend continues to grow. Is online dating the future of dating, or will most people continue to hold out?

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