Organic Food Survey: Organic Food Eaters More Likely to Volunteer

More and more Americans have been switching over to organic food for a number of different reasons. Some of those consumers claim moral reasons for buying organic. However, a recent study shared by Harvard Business Review’s ‘The Daily Stat’ found that those who viewed organic food labels were not only more likely to judge others’ moral behavior more harshly, but also less likely to spend time helping others. Can eating organic food make people feel better about their moral character? And could it actually affect people’s other moral activities?

organic food

Organic Food

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 3% of respondents said they always eat organic food. 11% of consumers said they eat organic food often. 51% said they eat organic food sometimes. And 35% said they never eat organic food.

Of those who do eat organic food, 10% said that eating organic food makes them feel like a much more moral person. 27% said that eating organic food makes them feel like a somewhat more moral person. And 64% said that eating organic food does not make them feel like a more moral person at all.

Moral Decisions

3% of consumers said they always buy eco-friendly products aside from food. 12% said they often buy eco-friendly products. 60% said they sometimes buy eco-friendly products. And 25% said they never buy eco-friendly products. Only 31% of overall consumers said they consider buying organic food and eco-friendly products to be an important moral decision, while 70% said they don’t consider those decisions to be as important.

Helping Others

Overall, 11% of survey takers said they spend a lot of time volunteering for charities or similar organizations. 39% said they sometimes do volunteer work. And 50% said they never volunteer. Of those who said they eat organic food always or often, 30% said they spend a lot of time volunteering, and 41% sometimes do volunteer work. Of those who said they eat organic food sometimes, only 8% said they often do volunteer work, and 47% sometimes do volunteer work.

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Results were collected on July 29 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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