Campaign of the Week: Pepsi Creates 5-Second Video Ads

Pepsi recently released a series of 5-second video ads featuring the company’s new series of emoji bottles. The ads are slated to run on both TV and online during the summer. But since the ads are so much shorter than normal TV commercials, it may be a different pace than what a lot of consumers are already used to. So how many people like the idea of 5-second commercials or online video ads? And more specifically, what type of impact might this Pepsi campaign have on the company?

pepsi 5 second ads

Commercial Length

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 63% of respondents agreed that normal TV commercials don’t normally hold their attention for the duration. 55% said that 30 seconds is too long for them to spend watching an ad. 49% said that 5 seconds should be long enough to get a point across. And 55% said that 5 seconds is long enough for an ad to get its point across.

In general, 28% of respondents said they think the ideal length for a TV commercial is between 11 and 20 seconds, making it the most popular length mentioned by respondents. 25% think that TV commercials should fall between 6 and 10 seconds. 21% think they should be 5 seconds or less. And 26% think they should be over 20 seconds. When it comes to online ads, the ideal length gets even shorter. 32% of respondents said they think the ideal length for an online video ad is 5 seconds or less.

Pepsi 5-Second Ads

Upon viewing a short series of Pepsi’s 5-second video ads, 41% said that they have a positive opinion of the ads. Just 10% said they didn’t like them. And 49% were neutral. Some of the words that respondents used to describe the ads include cute, short, fun, funny, entertaining, interesting, quick and silly. However, a few did use more negative terms like boring and annoying.

More specifically, 59% of respondents said that the ads held their attention for the duration. 57% said that the commercials got a point across within five seconds. And 52% said that they thought the commercials were effective.

Ad Effectiveness

So what types of actual results might Pepsi be able to expect from this campaign? In general, 30% of respondents said that they would be at least somewhat likely to purchase the new emoji Pepsi even without seeing those quick ads. However, 34% said that they would be likely to purchase the new emoji Pepsi after seeing the commercials. So while that’s not a huge increase, there is the potential that Pepsi’s 5-second ads could convince a few extra people to purchase the product.

Key Takeaways

Pepsi’s 5-second video ads are certainly shorter than what a lot of brands present in TV commercials and online. However, it seems that many consumers are in favor of shorter video ads, especially online. Pepsi’s ads were quick, simple and fun, but more than half of viewers thought that they got a point across in that short period of time. So they could potentially be a benefit for Pepsi. And they could even serve as an example for other brands looking to produce quick ads for consumers with attention spans that are constantly shortening.

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Photo Credit: Pepsi, Emoji from Flickr

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Results were collected on June 1 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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