Pet Products Survey: Specialty Items Gaining Popularity

People love buying things for their pets. In the past, most people would simply buy food and maybe some treats for their furry friends. But now, pet care is a huge industry, complete with clothes, designer brands, organic food, and plenty of other specialty items. Today is even Dress Up Your Pet Day, a holiday designed to celebrate pet outfits and costumes. So just how popular are these specialty pet items?

pet products

Pet Owners

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 40% of pet owners said they just own one pet. 26% have two pets. 14% have three. And 22% own four or more pets. Dogs are the most popular type of pet among respondents; 62% own dogs. 59% of respondents own cats. And 17% own other types of pets, including hamsters, turtles and other small animals.

Specialty Items

In terms of dressing up pets, just 8% of pet owners said they do it often. 17% said they sometimes dress their pets in outfits or costumes. 18% rarely do this. And 58% said they never dress their pets in outfits or costumes.

But there are plenty of other specialty pet products available. 33% of pet owners said they regularly buy name brand pet toys. 27% buy organic pet food. 16% have bought designer beds, blankets or rugs. 7% have bought monitoring equipment for their pets. And 11% have bought other types of specialty pet products, like food or treats for special diets. 42% of pet owners said they don’t ever buy specialty pet products.

Shopping for Pets

In general, when shopping for pet products, 37% said that quality is very important. And 48% said quality is important or somewhat important. Affordability was ranked just slightly higher than quality; 41% consider affordability to be very important when buying pet products. And another 47% consider it to be important or somewhat important. Brand names, on the other hand, were not considered to be as important; just 41% think name brands are important when shopping for pet items.

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Photo Credit: The Dog Show – U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea – 8 September 2012 from Flickr

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Results were collected on January 13 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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