Pirated Content Survey: Two Thirds of Users Will Benefit from Google’s New Policy

Google has just put a new policy into place regarding pirated content in search results. The new policy allows copyright holders to request that a site including infringing materials be removed from search results. The more requests that a site be removed, the farther down that site will appear in search results. How do Americans feel about this new policy and how many people will it even affect?

google search

Google Search

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 39% of respondents said that they use Google search multiple times per day. 18% said they use Google search about once per day. 17% said they use it fairly regularly. 16% said they use it sometimes. 6% said they rarely use Google search. And just 5% said they never use Google search.

Pirated Content

Of those who use Google search, 25% said they think copyright holders should be able to request the takedown of sites that have infringing content. Another 50% said they think copyright holders should be able to make those requests, depending on the process of Google removing the material from search results. And 25% said they don’t think copyright holders should be able to request that Google remove infringing materials from search results. In addition, 67% of search engine users said they wish that sites containing pirated content would show up lower in their search results.

YouTube Videos

One site that might not be impacted by Google’s new policy is YouTube. 47% of total respondents said that they often watch videos on YouTube. Another 33% said they sometimes watch videos on YouTube. 15% said they rarely watch YouTube videos. And just 5% said they never watch videos on YouTube.

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Results were collected on August 14 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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