Purchases on Google Survey: New Feature Could Lead to More Buyers

Google is testing a new “buy” button that is intended to make it easier for mobile customers to make purchases directly from ads. Mobile users can just click the buttons within each ad to go directly to a page where they can purchase the advertised product. How many consumers are likely to use the new Purchases on Google Feature?

mobile ads

Mobile Browsing

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 6% of mobile consumers said they only ever browse the internet on their mobile devices. 19% mostly browse on mobile. 25% use both mobile devices and computers to browse online. 36% said they mostly just use their computers to browse online. And 13% only ever use computers.

Mobile Ads

69% of those who browse on their mobile devices said that they often come across mobile ads. However, just 30% said they find these ads to be effective. 36% of mobile customers have clicked on mobile ads at some point. And 23% of them have actually made purchases because of mobile ads they’ve come across.

Purchases on Google

When it comes to Google’s new feature, 26% of mobile consumers said they would likely to use the new “buy” button on Google’s mobile ads at some point in the future. 49% said they would be unlikely to use the Purchases by Google feature. And 24% were neutral or undecided.

You can view the complete survey results in the widget below and be sure to click “Open Full Report” to take advantage of all the chart and filter options.

Photo Credit: HTC EVO 4G from Flickr

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Results were collected on July 16 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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