Self University Survey: Lifelong Learning Considered Important

The first week of September is known as Self University week. It’s meant to celebrate and encourage all forms of lifelong learning, from university and online classes to simple training and other enrichment programs. So how many adults take part in these types of educational activities? And how many would like to in the future?

Self university

Self University

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 9% of respondents said they have taken in-person college classes within the last year. Another 10% have taken college classes online this year. 8% have taken part in more informal in-person classes or training. And 10% have taken other types of classes or training online.

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There are so many different ways for people of all ages to seek out different learning experiences. Some of the colleges and educational institutions mentioned by respondents include ITT Tech, Davenport University and Baker College. Others have attended on-the-job training at businesses like Barnes and Noble. And some have even taken hobby related classes on online platforms like Craftsy.

Lifelong Learning

In general, 84% of respondents said the believe that lifelong learning is important. So while not everyone has necessarily been taking part in classes or other learning experiences this year, that could change in the future. 56% of respondents said they would like to take part in classes, training or similar experiences in the future.

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Results were collected on August 27 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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