Shopping Recommendations Survey: Most Have Bought Recommended Items Online

A Russian supermarket chain has recently decided to integrate some of the features of online shopping into its stores. The chain is including kiosks in its stores to give customers product recommendations based on their previous purchases. The program would target those customers who use loyalty cards or programs. But how many would be interested in such a feature in stores? And how many already use product recommendations online?

shopping recommendations

Shopping Habits

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 31% of respondents said that they use loyalty cards or participate in some kind of loyalty program at several different stores. 45% said that they have a loyalty card with just one or two of the stores they frequent. And 24% of consumers don’t use any loyalty cards or programs.

So most consumers would qualify for a shopping recommendations program for loyalty customers at certain stores, but in order for such a program to work they must also be open to adjusting their shopping lists once they are in a store. 25% of shoppers said that they always stick to a predetermined list when they go shopping. 34% said they use a list most of the time. 24% said they sometimes use a shopping list. 8% said they rarely use one. And 9% said they never stick to a predetermined list when they go shopping.

Shopping Recommendations

More specifically, just 12% of overall respondents said that they would definitely be interested in an in-store program that would give them shopping recommendations based on their previous purchases. 41% said they would probably be interested in such a program. 32% said they would probably not be interested in shopping recommendations. And 15% said they would definitely not be interested.

Online Recommendations

Online stores like Amazon already utilize shopping recommendations based on previous purchases, both on their website and in emails. So just how effective is this tactic online? 26% said that they often come across item suggestions when shopping online. 40% said they come across these recommendations sometimes. 17% said they rarely see them. And 17% said they never do.

And of those who have received shopping recommendations, just 6% said they often make purchases based on them. 39% said they sometimes buy items that are recommended to them online. 42% said they rarely buy these recommended items. And just 12% said they never do.

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Results were collected on December 10 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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