Siri Survey: Americans Open to Voice Recognition Technology

When the iPhone 4S was released recently, one of the main features that the public was excited to use was Siri, Apple’s voice recognition software. Siri is there to help with anything from messaging to scheduling reminders. Is this type of technology the wave of the future?


Who is Siri?

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 2.3% of respondents currently own the iPhone 4S, while 4.8% plan to buy one soon, and another 24.5% would possibly like one in the future.

Of those who currently own the iPhone 4S, 33.3% have found Siri to be very helpful and impressive. 44.4% found it to be fairly helpful and impressive, and 22.2% have not really used it enough to make a decision. No respondents were disappointed with Siri thus far.

Voice Recognition

Of those who do not currently own an iPhone 4S, only 30.4% have used voice recognition technology at some point, but 67.3% think that voice recognition software can be helpful. 24.8% are undecided, 6% think the technology needs to be improved first, and only 2% think that voice recognition cannot be helpful.

Future Phone Purchases

It seems that many are open to voice recognition technology, but are they open to using it in conjunction with their mobile phones? Only 15% of those who aren’t planning on buying an iPhone 4S said they’d be interested in buying a phone with voice recognition. 49.3% said they’d consider it, and 35.8% were not interested at all.

Siri is another groundbreaking smartphone feature brought to American customers via Apple. Will more people start using voice recognition software? Or will it prove to be just a fad that passes with time?

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