Sleep Survey: Most Have Experienced Adverse Effects from Lack of Sleep

The amount of sleep people get can have a huge impact on everything from mood to productivity at work. While many health professionals recommend that people get eight to nine hours of sleep a night, it seems that very few people actually achieve that goal on a regular basis. So what do people think of the amount of sleep they get on an average night? And how many have experienced adverse effects due to a lack of sleep?


Sleep Comparison

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 52% of respondents said they would consider 8 hours to be a good night’s sleep. 14% would prefer to get 9 or more hours a night. 21% consider 7 hours to be sufficient. 9% would be fine with 6. 2% would even settle for 5. And just 2% would consider 4 or fewer hours a night to be a decent amount of sleep.

But what we strive for is not always what we achieve. Just 6% of respondents said they get 9 or more hours of sleep a night. 16% get about 8 hours a night. 25% get about 7 hours a night. 32% average about 6 hours a night. 12% get about 5 hours of sleep. 7% get 4 hours a night. And 3% get 3 or fewer hours on average.

Napping Habits

But even those who don’t get a lot of sleep at night can supplement with naps. 11% of respondents said they take naps pretty much every day. 26% usually take a few naps a week. 10% do so about once a week. 12% take a few naps per month. 3% take just about one per month. 29% said they rarely ever take naps. And 10% never do.

Adverse Effects

So it seems that most people don’t get quite as much sleep as they would like to. But how many have seen that lack of sleep actually have negative effects? 41% of respondents said they’ve experienced difficulty concentrating due to a lack of sleep. 39% have experienced difficulty remembering things. 30% have experienced general health issues due to a lack of sleep. 27% have had trouble completing tasks at work or school. 19% have had trouble working on hobbies. 15% have had issues with driving or taking other forms of transportation. And 12% have struggled with managing their finances.

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Results were collected on August 10 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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