Small Business Survey: Many Try to Support Local Economy

On Saturday, people around the country headed to their favorite local shops in celebration of Small Business Saturday, a holiday aimed at supporting small, local businesses. Though shopping at small businesses may have advantages and disadvantages, many shoppers still take advantage of the personalized service and unique products that can be rare in larger retail settings.

small business saturday

Small Stores

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, only 10.3% of respondents said they do most of their shopping at small stores, but an additional 49.8% said they do some shopping at small stores. 24.8% said they shop at small stores occasionally, but they tend to go to large chain stores more often. And 15.3% said they hardly ever shop at small businesses.

60% of those who do like small shops said they like supporting the local economy, 57.3% said they like the unique items, 45.3% like the personalized service, 34.8% said small shops are convenient, and 23.8% like the price. Only 4.8% of respondents said they don’t really like anything about small businesses.

Chain Competition

On the other hand, 67.5% of respondents like the prices at large chain stores, 55.3% said larger stores are more convenient, and 51.3% appreciate the dependable brands and products. Only 11.5% appreciate the customer service at larger stores, and 7.8% like the unique items. 4.8% said they don’t really like anything about larger stores.

Small Business Saturday

57.3% of respondents said they have heard of Small Business Saturday. And of those, 46.3% did go out and support local businesses in honor of the holiday.

The holiday season usually brings many Americans into malls and large retail stores, but some still appreciate the smaller retail experience. Will Small Business Saturday help some Americans rediscover what is great about small shops? Or will people continue to go wherever they can find the best deals?

Photo Credit: Small Business Saturday, after Edward Hopper from Flickr

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