Smart Phone Survey: Most Americans Satisfied with Cell Phones

Every year, more and more Americans switch from basic cell phones to smart phones, which enable them to access the internet and email as well as a variety of third party apps. So how many Americans have already made the switch, and do they feel it was worth it?

smart phone


Since Apple released the iPhone in 2005, smart phones have grown by leaps and bounds. With new technology, sleeker designs, and millions of third party applications for every purpose you could possibly think of, options are plentiful. According to Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 55.1% of respondents currently own a smart phone, and 44.9% do not. 11.9% do not own a cell phone at all.

The Breakdown

There are so many different types of phones to choose from. In’s survey, 16.1% of respondents said they own an Android phone, 8.7% own an iPhone, 6.9% own a Blackberry, 2.2% own a Palm, and 1.5% own a Windows phone. 52.6% selected other.

As far as mobile applications, only 34.5% of respondents regularly use them. 45.9% don’t use them, and 19.6% don’t have a phone that supports third party apps.

Customer Satisfaction

Overall, customers were mostly satisfied in all of the following categories: functionality, ease of use, design and visual appeal, and variety of apps. Owners of iPhones and Android phones selected “very satisfied” more often than those who own Blackberries, Palm, and Windows phones.

If smart phones continue to grow at their current rate, regular cell phones may soon be difficult to come by. Will customer satisfaction rates stay high, or will the novelty of these phones wear off once more people own them?

Photo Credit: Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Android Smartphone Matrix 3D Live Wallpaper from Flickr

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