Social Circles Survey: Young People More Likely to Use Smaller Social Apps

Social media users, particularly teens and young adults, have reportedly been migrating to smaller social sites and apps. Social giants like Facebook and Twitter, while not losing many users altogether, have lost some popularity in favor of platforms that allow for smaller social circles like Snapchat, Vine, and WhatsApp. How have these apps and platforms impacted larger social media sites?

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Social Platforms

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 95% of social media users said that they currently use Facebook. So smaller social apps can’t have had much of an impact on the actual size of its user base just yet. 52% of social media users said they use Twitter. And 22% use Instagram.

As for the smaller platforms and chatting apps, 11% of respondents said they currently use Snapchat. 7% use Vine. 6% use WhatsApp. And just 2% use WeChat. Respondents younger than 25 were 30% more likely to use Snapchat, and 9% more likely to use Vine and WhatsApp. However, they were just 2% less likely to use Facebook.

Social Circles

In general, 24% of social media users said they have fewer than 50 friends or followers on all of their social media accounts combined. 20% said they have between 51 and 100 social media connections. 26% have between 101 and 300 social media connections. 14% have between 301 and 500 social media connections. 6% have between 501 and 1,000 social media connections. And just 9% said they have more than 1,000 combined friends and followers on their various social media accounts. But not all of these connections necessarily connect with one another. 74% of social media users said they have fewer than 50 connections on social media that they actually connect with regularly.

Facebook Decline

So there may be some merit to the concept of utilizing smaller social circles. But does that actually mean that Facebook’s popularity is declining? 32% of respondents said they actually use Facebook more often now than they did a year ago. And just 23% said they use Facebook less often now than they did a year ago. 39% said they use Facebook about the same amount. And just 2% said they have stopped using Facebook altogether within the last year. However, of respondents under 25, 37% said they use Facebook less often now than they did a year ago and just 28% said they use Facebook more often now.

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Results were collected on March 31 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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