Social Endorsements Survey: Facebook Considered Most Effective Platform

Social media has become such a fixture in the day-to-day lives of people around the world that brands and companies are constantly finding new ways to reach consumers through these platforms. Social endorsements are sponsored social media or blog posts where a celebrity or person of influence voices their approval of a product or brand. How prominent have these posts become? And how effective are they?

social endorsements

Social Endorsements

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 39% said they read blogs and social media sites. Another 37% just use social media sites. And 4% just read blogs. 20% said they don’t use any social media sites or read any blogs.

34% of those who read blogs or social media said they often see people endorse products or brands on these platforms. Another 46% said they sometimes see people endorse products or brands on social media or blogs. 13% said they rarely see people make endorsements on social media or blogs. And 7% said they never see social endorsements.


Overall, just 13% of those who have seen social endorsements said they find them to be very effective. 49% think social endorsements can be somewhat effective. 29% don’t think social endorsements are very effective. And 9% said they don’t think social endorsements are effective at all.

Social Platforms

But there are many different platforms for social endorsements, so there could be varying degrees of effectiveness for each one. 54% of social media users said they would consider social endorsements on Facebook to be the most effective. 37% think endorsements on YouTube would be very effective. 35% think Twitter endorsements can be effective. 22% think sponsored blog posts are effective. 14% think endorsements on Instagram are effective. And 18% don’t think social endorsements can be effective on any platform.

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Photo Credit: Labor Day Twitter Chat with Secretary Solis

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Results were collected on December 19 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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