Social Snapshots Survey: Vast Majority Don’t Want Personal Photos Used in Ads

With the rising popularity of social photo sharing on sites like Facebook and apps like Instagram, some businesses have begun using social snapshots in their online advertising campaigns. Some worry about the privacy issues surrounding this practice. But others claim that it inserts more “real people” into advertisements, which could be effective. How do consumers feel about social snapshots being used in advertisements?

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Online Advertising

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 8% of respondents said they often pay attention to ads on social media sites or apps. 39% said they sometimes pay attention to such ads. 31% said they rarely pay attention to social media advertising. And 22% said they never do.

Of those who pay attention to advertising on social media, 45% said they would like to see more “real people” in ads, rather than models or celebrities. 13% said they wouldn’t like to see more real people in ads. And 42% said they don’t have a preference.

Adding Photos

So how many people might such a practice impact, anyway? 15% of respondents said they often upload photos to social media sites or apps such as Facebook and Instagram. 37% said they sometimes add photos to social media. 22% said they rarely upload personal photos. And 27% said they never do.

Social Snapshots

Of those who upload photos to social media, just 15% said they would like it if their photos were used in online advertisements. 72% said they would not like their photos to be used in ads. And 13% said they would not care either way.

Some sites may choose to just include in their privacy policies that any uploaded photos can be used in ads on the site, but others might just choose to allow consumers to “opt in” by adding photos that specifically endorse a product or brand. However, just 10% said that they would definitely give brands permission to use their photos by endorsing them on social media. 28% said they would probably give brands permission to use their online photos. 40% said they probably wouldn’t. And 22% said they definitely wouldn’t.

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Results were collected on September 18 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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