Space Survey: Vast Majority Understand Importance of Space Education

Today is International Space Day, a day created to get kids excited about learning all about outer space and many of the science and math concepts associated with it. Although the US’s program has gone through some changes in recent years, there are still plenty of people dedicated to making space travel a more real possibility, even for regular consumers. So how many are generally interested in outer space? And how many would like to someday partake in space travel?


General Interest

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 52% of respondents agreed that they are generally interested in outer space. However, it seems like that interest doesn’t necessarily translate into a desire to be a part of it themselves; just 36% of respondents said that they would be interested in traveling to space at some point if it were possible for them to do so.

Educational Programs

However, 55% of respondents agreed that they at least enjoy learning about space. And 71% said they think it’s important for kids to learn about it in schools. In addition, 63% think that it is important for countries to have space exploration programs so that professionals can learn more about what’s out there and share that knowledge with the rest of the world.

Educational Exhibits

Of course, learning about space can come in a variety of different forms. There are school programs, independent learning opportunities and even museum exhibits and planetariums where people can visit. 19% of respondents said they’ve visited multiple planetariums or museum exhibits dedicated to space. And 48% said they’ve visited one or two such exhibits. The most popular ones mentioned by respondents include Chicago’s Planetarium, the Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

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Photo Credit: space from Flickr

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Results were collected on May 4 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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