St. Patrick’s Day Survey: Holiday Specials Don’t Impact Many Shoppers

This weekend, people around the country will put on green shirts, head to bars or parades, and decorate their homes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Some will even buy special St. Patrick’s Day items from stores and restaurants. So just how prevalent is this holiday with Americans, and what ways do they choose to celebrate?

st patricks day

Going Green

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 41% of respondents said they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. 80% of those respondents said they wear green on March 17. 32% said they celebrate by going to a bar or restaurant, 17% host or attend a party, 15% go to a parade or other organized event, and 14% decorate their homes.

Irish Heritage

Overall, 37% of respondents said there is some Irish heritage in their family. 49% don’t have any Irish heritage, and 14% were unsure. Those who knew they had Irish family history were more likely to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. 59% of them said they do celebrate, though the ways in which they choose to celebrate are fairly consistent with the other respondents.

Holiday Shopping

There are also many businesses that offer special holiday items for occasions like St. Patrick’s Day. 20% of respondents said they are more likely to support businesses that offer such items, while 48% said this would not affect their shopping decisions, and 32% said they might support businesses because of holiday items or specials.

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Photo Credit: St. Patrick’s Day Festival 2007 from Flickr

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Results were collected on March 15 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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