Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Leaves Us in the Dark Just Enough

Billions of fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Star Wars: The Last (although not quite the last) Jedi, hitting theaters this week. Diehard junkies since its 1977 inception—and even newly inducted fair weather fans—all want answers after the box office blowout, The Force Awakens, ended (spoiler alert) with a cloaked and broken Luke Skywalker gazing off of a literal and figurative cliff.

So, what’s in store for the next iteration of one of the most iconic sci-fi series in film history? Did Kylo Ren, the series’ newest villain, die in the last installment? What’s a “Porg”? And most importantly, who’s Rey’s father?

All of these questions will be answered and discussed ad nauseam over copious amounts of spiked egg nog this holiday. But how is the newly released trailer resonating with fans so far? We asked 1,000 respondents to take their first peak at The Last Jedi. Here’s what we found.

The trailer is actually a trailer

Unlike some epic trailers that become visual spoilers of the films themselves, respondents indicated that The Last Jedi does what a trailer should dogives them just enough to want more. Only 11% of respondents felt the trailer gave away too much. The remaining 89% felt the mystery was still there.


Strong interest, there is (cue proverbial Yoda voice)

The trailer presumably offers enough ambiguity to make and keep respondents interested in the film. A reported 73% of respondents have already purchased or plan to purchase tickets in the future, with only 27% who’ve reported no plans to attend.

Some viewers want to be “spoiled”

There’s indicated excitement about the film, however, some respondents are satisfied waiting for the real deal versus indulging in subsequent trailer cuts, behind-the-scene snippets, and interviews over the next 60 days. A reported 43% said they’ll be taking the marketing spoiler plunge, while 30% said they’ll stay away from the hype, and 27% said they’ll subscribe to some but not all of the publicity leading up to the big release.

Some need to relive it

While it’s clear a good portion of respondents want some semblance of suspense when they see the film, some report still wanting a primer prior to its release. A reported 48% of respondents will either be watching the entire Star Wars franchise or will be binging on their favorite picks within the series in preparation of the release. The remaining 52% of respondents indicated they’re already primed and ready.

A sliver of respondents never stopped living it

Some Super-Star fans presumably won’t need primers. The saga is just too coded into their DNA. As it is imprinted on their coffee cups and stitched into their couch pillows. These 7% of respondents say they’ll be gracing the theater release in Star Wars costumes, with 15% thinking about the possibility, and the remaining 78% shamelessly showing up in normal attire.

Trailer take-aways from a film far, far away

It’s clear that the coy and flashy trailer has already drummed up a great deal of interest in the film’s marketing debut. Equally clear, fans are satisfied with the level of tease. Following its 2015 predecessor which kept fans and critics in the dark up until the great reveal, The Last Jedi is enjoying thoughtful and suspenseful film marketing so far.

Which still leaves us questioning…who is Rey’s father? Find out what our respondents think by checking out the full survey report.