Steve Jobs Survey: Apple Will Continue to Succeed

Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, announced his resignation. Tech enthusiasts around the world mourned the loss of Jobs as the company’s CEO, even though he has been appointed as the new chairman of the board. Will Apple continue to grow and succeed as a company without Jobs as the creative lead?

steve jobs

Mac or PC?

Though Apple has been growing steadily and has revolutionized much of the tech industry, 81% of respondents in Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey said they own a PC instead of a Mac. 7.3% own a Mac, 6.8% own both a Mac and a PC, and 5% don’t own a computer at all.

Obviously Apple has more to offer than just computers. The most popular, owned by 35.8% of respondents, is the iPod. 12% own an iPhone, 9.5% own a MacBook, 7.3% own an iPad, and 3.5% own an iMac. 4.3% own a different Apple product, and 53.8% don’t own any Apple products.

Steve Jobs

Even though there are still many Apple hold-outs, Steve Jobs has built up quite a reputation. Most respondents had positive things to say; 43% said he is innovative, 49.5% said he is a great businessman, and 32% said he is a genius. Only a few had negative things to say; 8% said he is overrated and 3.8% said he is nothing special. 12% didn’t even know who he was.

Apple’s Future

Though Jobs has certainly proven himself as a great creative leader and businessman, 57.8% think the company will continue to thrive with a different CEO. Only 7.3% think the company will not continue to thrive, and 35% had no opinion.

32% of respondents said they will definitely buy Apple products in the future and another 44.5% said they would consider it. Only 23.5% said they would not purchase Apple products in the future.

Steve Jobs has proven that he can run a very successful and innovative tech company. Many Apple loyalists believe the company will continue to be great even after the CEO’s resignation, but what do you think?

Photo Credit: Steve Jobs at WWDC 2008 from Flickr

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