Super Bowl Commercials Survey: Viewers Disappointed in Quality of Ads

People around the country tuned in for the Super Bowl yesterday. Some fans took to social media to complain about the seemingly non-competitive game. But many also complained about the quality of commercials this year. Where they actually worse than the commercials displayed in previous years? And what do viewers think about the effectiveness of these ads?

super bowl commercials

Super Bowl Commercials

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 27% of respondents said they watched the entire Super Bowl this weekend, and another 31% watched at least some of it. Of those viewers, 33% said they watched all of the commercials during the game, and 59% said they watched at least some Super Bowl commercials.

Just 18% of viewers said they thought this year’s Super Bowl commercials were better than those from previous years. 37% said this year’s commercials were worse than those from previous Super Bowls. And 38% thought they were about the same as past Super Bowl commercials.


While entertainment value is important for these ads, the whole purpose is to sell items and build brand awareness. But for the amount of money companies pay to run ads during the Super Bowl, just 14% of respondents think that Super Bowl commercials are much more effective than other commercials. 44% think they can be a little bit more effective. 37% don’t think Super Bowl commercials are any more effective than other commercials. And 5% think they are actually less effective.

Post-Game Reach

One advantage Super Bowl commercials have, aside from the massive viewership of the game, is that they often get a lot of attention afterward. And sites like YouTube make it easy for even more viewers to see their ads after the game. 12% of those who did not watch the Super Bowl or its commercials said they definitely plan to watch commercials online after the game. 31% said they will probably watch Super Bowl commercials online after the game. Another 31% said they probably won’t watch any commercials online. And 27% said they definitely won’t.

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Results were collected on February 3 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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