Campaign of the Week: Taco Bell SteakCation Highlights New Product

Taco Bell Canada recently launched a new contest promotion aimed at calling attention to its new Steak Doubledilla. The company set up a listing on Airbnb and is offering a contest where the winner gets to stay in one of the restaurant’s locations overnight. Will this Taco Bell SteakCation do anything to attract new customers? We asked around 1,000 respondents on October 9-13 about their fast food eating habits and then tested the SteakCation campaign to see what kind of an impact it had.

taco bell steakcation

Fast Food Consumers

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 3% of respondents said that they purchase food from fast food restaurants every day. 19% do so a few times per week. 40% said they go to fast food restaurants a few times per month. 15% do so a few times every three months. 11% go less frequently than once every three months. And 13% said they aren’t fast food consumers at all.

Of those who eat fast food at least on occasion, 61% said they’ve tried Taco Bell. And 31% eat there regularly. McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway all have more regular consumers than Taco Bell. But Wendy’s and Arby’s had fewer regular customers.

Taco Bell SteakCation

Overall, just 11% of respondents said they are certain or practically certain about choosing Taco Bell the next time they eat at a fast food restaurant. And 19% said it would be very probable. Of those who viewed the Taco Bell SteakCation Airbnb listing, 11% said they would be practically certain about choosing Taco Bell for their next fast food purchase. And just 17% said it would be very probable. In addition, just 8% of those consumers said they’ve used Airbnb, so that brand association likely isn’t having a very big impact with a lot of fast food consumers.

Brand Attributes

In general, fast food consumers rated Taco Bell highly in terms of value, popularity, respectability, reflecting the kind of person they are, and taste. But those who viewed the SteakCation promotion were not as likely to say that Taco Bell reflects the kind of person they are. The other factors didn’t change in any significant way.

Key Takeaways

The Taco Bell SteakCation promotion doesn’t seem to appeal to a lot of fast food consumers. In fact, those who viewed the promotion page were slightly less likely to plan on going to Taco Bell for their next fast food purchase. And they were also less likely to see the brand as reflective of the type of person they are. So even though Taco Bell is targeting a younger group, as it does with the rest of its marketing, this campaign seems to be a misstep in that it makes people feel less connected to the Taco Bell brand. And that disconnect could make them less likely to buy from Taco Bell going forward.

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Photo Credit: Taco Bell by Mike Mozart under CC BY 2.0

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Results were collected on October 9-13 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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