Texting Laws Survey: More Than Half Support Banning Phone Use in Vehicles

The majority of states now have laws that ban texting while driving. While these laws and their severity vary by location, the purpose is to prevent distracted driving where possible. So just how effective are these laws in improving road safety? And what types of texting laws do most people support?

texting laws

Texting Laws

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 81% of respondents said that they are aware of laws in their area that restrict texting or phone use in general while driving. However, just 16% of those respondents said these laws help them feel much safer on the roads. 37% said that texting laws help them feel somewhat safer. 41% said they don’t really feel any safer on the roads thanks to texting laws. And 6% said they don’t feel safer at all.


The reason some people don’t feel any safer is likely due to the fact that only 7% of respondents think that these laws always deter people from texting while driving. 57% think that texting laws sometimes deter people from texting while driving. And 36% think that laws don’t deter people from texting while driving at all.

Law Severity

So do people support these types of laws? It seems so, as 67% of overall respondents think that all cities and/or states should adopt laws that ban texting while driving. 22% think that all cities or states should probably adopt these laws. 7% think they probably should not. And 4% think they definitely should not.

Some respondents went even farther than that. 52% said they think that phone use in general (not including hands-free devices) should be banned in vehicles. 24% do not think that phone use should be banned in vehicles. And another 24% were undecided.

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Results were collected on October 16 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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