Thanksgiving Shopping Survey: Few Will Start Black Friday Shopping Early

Each year, it seems as though stores open earlier and earlier for Black Friday. It’s become so early, in fact, that many have simply started opening on Thanksgiving Day. But some people have complained about this practice as it forces employees to work on a day when they would normally be with family. What do most people think about Thanksgiving shopping? And how many plan to take part in it this year?

thanksgiving shopping

Thanksgiving Shopping

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 12% of respondents said that they definitely plan to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day this year. Another 12% said they will probably go shopping on Thanksgiving. 21% said they probably won’t. And 56% said they definitely won’t shop on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Workers

On the other hand, just 12% of respondents said that they definitely have to work on Thanksgiving Day this year. 88% said they definitely don’t plan to go to work on Thanksgiving. And 1% said they are unsure if they will have to work.

24% of those who have to work on Thanksgiving said they work in retail. 22% work in office or clerical jobs. 20% work in food service. 7% work in grocery or convenience stores. And 41% have other types of jobs where they have to work on Thanksgiving, such as healthcare and transportation.

Shopper Opinions

In general, just 28% of respondents said they definitely think it’s okay for retail stores to open on Thanksgiving Day. 37% said they don’t think stores should be open on Thanksgiving. 25% said they think it’s okay for stores to open in some cases. And 10% had no opinion. Those who have to work on Thanksgiving were 18% more likely to think it’s okay for stores to be open.

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Results were collected on November 26 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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