Thanksgiving Travel Survey: Transportation Costs Keeping Some Home

The week of Thanksgiving, many Americans throughout the country pack up their belongings and head out to see family and friends for the holiday. Though Thanksgiving travel can be fun, it can also be full of headaches and hassles in the form of long lines, traffic, and rising transportation costs. How many Americans will look past the cons and take to the road for Thanksgiving anyway?

thanksgiving travel

Decreasing Travelers?

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 71.3% of respondents said they do not plan to Travel for Thanksgiving this year. 5.5% were still unsure, and 23.3% said they do plan to travel at least one hour to visit family or friends. However, 68.3% of respondents said they have traveled over Thanksgiving week at one time or another, so most of those who have before are not traveling again this year.

Modes of Transportation

The vehicle of choice for most Thanksgiving travelers is the car. 88.2% of respondents said they will travel by car this Thanksgiving, 7.5% said they will fly, 6.5% will take a train, and 4.3% will take a bus.

Transportation Cost

Of those who are traveling for Thanksgiving this year, 61.7% said they are worried about the transportation costs associated with the trip. And of those who chose not to travel this year, 36.8% said that rising transportation costs did impact their decision to stay home.

Some Americans are not letting cost keep them away from their Thanksgiving travel plans, but others worry about the rising price of gas and plane tickets. And many are letting these things keep them home for the holidays. Will the situation improve next year so that more people can travel to see their families on Thanksgiving?

Photo Credit: Houston Traffic from Flickr

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