Tracker Transformation E-book: The Project Plan

Last week we released Chapter 1 of our new e-book entitled Tracker Transformation: Managing Change in Trackers and Normed Studies. Judging by the number of downloads we’ve seen, it’s clearly a topic of interest.

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In Chapter 1, we covered the case for change. We argued that changing participation in research studies and, more broadly, in all forms of consumer and social behavior from purchasing to media consumption have created serious bias and fielding problems for time-served trackers. Equally importantly, new developments in research platforms have dramatically reduced cost and increased the speed of execution. In short, many of these trackers are now, slowly and expensively, producing bad data.

Chapter 2 begins our practical guidance by establishing a template you can use to manage your transformation project. There are three things to retain from this chapter. One is the importance of transparent, understandable plans with names, dates, and indicators of success. The others are the discipline as well as communication that ensure you keep the project and participants moving along the path to success.

Download chapter 2 here.  Over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing subsequent chapters:

You’re also welcome to download the full e-book, which includes Chapter 5: But What About…? (The most frequently asked questions about going through a change of this nature)