Travel Fees Survey: Frequent Travelers Notice Increased Fees

It’s no secret that the transportation industry has changed drastically over the past several years. Issues like security and efficiency aren’t the only changes either – fees have also begun to pile up, and many Americans have taken notice. What types of transportation are Americans sticking with, and what forms of transportation have been impacted the most?

travel fees

Transportation Types

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 27% of respondents said they have never gone on vacation using any form of transportation besides their own vehicle. 33% said they rarely travel this way. 5% do so every few years, 6% go about once a year, 17% go a few times per year, and 13% go monthly or more often.

Air travel was the most common form of transportation used, but not by much. 78% of respondents said they’ve traveled by airplane at some point, 66% said they’ve traveled by bus, 51% have traveled by train, 31% have taken a boat or cruise ship, and 21% have used other types of transportation.

Travel fees

68% of respondents who travel said they’ve noticed a significant increase in travel fees over the past five years. Just 15% have not, and 16% said they don’t travel enough to notice. Those who have used air travel were more likely to notice an increase in fees – 74% said they’ve noticed an increase in the last five years. Also, those respondents who traveled once per year or more were more likely to notice an increase, with 76% saying they’ve noticed a significant increase in the last five years.

Peak Seasons

Fees and increased prices can be especially prominent during peak travel times such as the upcoming spring break and the week of Christmas. 2% of respondents say they always travel during these peak times, 13% said they do so fairly regularly, 50% said they have in the past, and 40% said they never have.

Transportation prices and extra fees are continuing to increase for many American travelers. The widget below shows the results of the survey in full. Be sure to click “open full report” for full details.

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Results were collected on February 23 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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