Travel Research Survey: Many Would Connect More for Discounts

American travelers often research information about their destinations before they leave, and many do so online. But how many travelers actually connect with their destinations through social media, newsletters, and similar formats? Are there any incentives that would make them more likely to connect?



In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 43% of respondents said they always research their destination online before traveling. 20% said they research their destination most of the time. 22% said they do so sometimes. 7% rarely do research, and 8% said they never do.

Of those travelers who connect with their destinations, 72% said they do online searches and general research. 67% visit official websites affiliated with their destinations. 22% connect via social media. 13% visit blogs. 11% read newsletters. And 17% of travelers said they connect in other ways.


When researching, 73% of travelers said they look for information about lodging. 64% look for deals or special offers. 64% look for information about restaurants and food in the area. 62% look for other nearby attractions. 59% look for entertainment. 40% look for transportation. And 15% look for other information.

Though not all travelers connect with their destinations online, many say they would do so if certain benefits were offered to them. 75% said they would likely connect with their destinations more if it gave them access to coupons or discounts. 50% said they would connect more for extra amenities. 42% said they would connect more if they had the opportunity to enter contests or giveaways. And 51% said they would connect to their destination more for other special offers. Only 12% of respondents said they would not connect to their destinations more if they were offered extra benefits.


50% of respondents said they only travel for personal reasons. 25% said they mostly travel for personal reasons. 8% travel for personal and business reasons. 2% mostly travel for business reasons. And 1% only travel for business reasons. 14% said they don’t ever travel. Those who travel for business reasons were more likely to do travel research online.

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Results were collected on May 17 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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