Travel Sites Survey: One Third of Travelers Regularly Check Multiple Travel Deals Sites

This week, travel deals site announced its acquisition of, which compares deals on such travel sites. Travelers who use Kayak may be worried that this announcement will impact the way the site operates. But how many people use such travel sites? And how do they decide which sites host the best deals?


In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 4% of respondents said they travel at least once per month. 14% said they travel several times per year. 24% said they travel once or twice per year. 13% said they travel once every few years. 32% said they rarely ever travel. And 12% said they never travel.

13% of travelers said that they always go to the websites of specific airlines, hotels, or other related services when planning their travels. 19% said they visit these types of sites most of the time. 21% said they visit these sites about half the time. 31% of travelers said they rarely visit these sites. And 17% said that they never visit the websites of the specific airlines, hotels, or other services they plan to use while traveling.

Travel Sites

12% of travelers said that they always use comparison travel sites, such as Priceline, when planning their trips. 17% said they use these sites most of the time. 15% said they use comparison sites about half the time. 26% said they rarely use them. And 30% said they never use travel sites. Those who travel at least once per year were 7% more likely to always use these types of sites. They were also more likely to use comparison travel sites than they were to use the websites of specific airlines or hotels.

As far as the sites themselves, 19% of comparison travel site users said they regularly use 18% said they use 13% use Priceline. Another 13% said they use Orbitz. 9% use And another 9% said they have used Kayak. 16% of these travelers said that they don’t have a favorite or regularly used travel deals site.

Comparing Deals

Of those who have used comparison travel sites, 39% said that they have not really done any comparing of the different sites themselves, to see which ones give them the best deals. 32% said that they use multiple travel deals sites whenever they travel, so they can make sure they’re always getting the best deals. And 30% said that they have done some research and comparison between travel sites, and have continually found the best results with just one or two sites. Those who have continually found the best results with one or two travel sites were most likely to use Expedia and Travelocity, but they were also more likely to use Priceline and Kayak than travel site users in general.

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Results were collected on November 10 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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