TV Spoilers Survey: Social Media Causing Many Spoilers

In the age of social media, TV viewers have to be careful to avoid seeing the outcomes of their favorite shows before they get the chance to watch them. Especially since DVR and online viewing have gained popularity, TV spoilers have become even more prominent. How many viewers have taken steps to avoid seeing spoilers online?

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TV Viewers

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 48% of respondents said they have many different TV shows that they watch regularly. Another 39% said they watch just one or two TV shows regularly. And just 14% don’t watch any TV shows regularly.

Gone are the days when watching TV means you have to be home and in front of the TV at the same time every week. Technology has offered several new ways for people to watch their favorite shows. 17% of TV viewers said that they always watch TV using a DVR, streaming service, or website. 24% said they use these methods to watch TV most of the time. 21% do so about half the time. 16% said they rarely use DVR or streaming services to watch TV. And 22% said they never use these methods to watch TV shows.

Social Media

In general, 21% of TV viewers said that they use many different social media sites. 61% said they use just one or two social media sites. And 17% don’t use any.

10% of social media users said that they often post about their favorite TV shows. 33% of social media users said that they sometimes post about TV shows. 27% said they rarely post about TV shows. And 30% never post about TV on social media.

TV Spoilers

So the majority of social media users have posted about TV at some point. And 20% of social media users said that they have come across TV spoilers many times on social media. 35% said they’ve had their favorite shows spoiled on social media once or twice. 30% said they’ve never come across spoilers on social media. And 15% said they actually take precautions to avoid TV spoilers on social media.

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Results were collected on February 26 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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