Tweet Length Survey: Most Support a Small Character Increase

Rumors are swirling about Twitter potentially dumping its current 140-character tweet limit. The site is reportedly considering allowing tweets to be as long as 10,000 characters, a move that some think would destroy the entire essence of Twitter. So what do Twitter users think about the potential change? And would increasing the tweet length even appeal to potential new users?

tweet length

Twitter Users

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 41% of respondents said that they currently have a Twitter account that they actually use. 19% said they technically have an account, but don’t ever use it. 3% have had an account in the past that they deleted. And 37% of respondents said they’ve never signed up for a Twitter account.

Tweet Length

71% of those who currently have Twitter accounts said they enjoy using the platform. However, just 40% of users said they like that Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters or less. 58% said they sometimes wish they could tweet longer thoughts. And 59% said they would like if Twitter increased the maximum tweet length to something higher than 140 characters. However, it seems that the rumored increase to a 10,000-character limit may be a bit too much; just 32% of Twitter users said they would like to see the character limit raised to 10,000. And although there have been a lot of public complaints about those rumors, just 32% of users said they would likely stop using Twitter if the platform raises its character limit significantly.

Potential Users

Of those who do not currently use Twitter, just 16% said they would be likely to sign up if Twitter raises its character limit significantly. However, if an increase leads to more people posting lengthy news stories or blog posts on the platform that could change, because 58% said that they often follow news stories or updates online. And 31% said they often read long blog posts or articles online. When it comes to sharing, 25% said that they have a lot of thoughts to share online that are likely to be longer than Twitter’s current 140-character limit. And 23% said they often post updates to other social media sites.

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Results were collected on January 5 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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