Unlock market intelligence beyond survey data

Please join our webinar next week about Personality RadarSM, the latest market intelligence solution from AYTM that augments your existing and future survey data with ~3,000 psychographic and personality data points from our proprietary panel. Get in the heads of your target audience, check their affinities, and gain a competitive edge. You can’t afford not to, because your competitors are already using it.

Discover things like:

•   Being religious increases the chances of being loyal to Lowe’s vs. Home Depot

•   Nintendo owners were 62.7% more likely to be shopping for a new vehicle in early 2014

•   Coca-Cola’s fans tend to self-identify as more “flashy”

Bypass the cost, time, and headache associated with crunching Big Data or hunting for secondary research sources. Personality RadarSM provides findings uniquely tailored to your research. It’s available in your applicable past and future Panel Surveys on AYTM, and has an exciting new UI that makes market exploration fun and engaging.

Experience Personality Radar




If you’ve run a Panel survey in 2014 with us, your data may already have Personality RadarSM capabilities, so check your dashboard and explore previously untapped insights.

If you’d like an in-depth, live webinar to learn how you could take your market strategy to the next level with Personality RadarSM, please join us on Tuesday, November 25th, 1pm PST (4pm EST). Reserve your spot, limited attendance available.

The first ten people to register and attend get an ever-so-cool set of two sleek, stainless steel AYTM coffee mugs on us – one for you, and one to share and create a conversation.