Upgraded: Quick Preview in editing

Have you ever wanted to put yourself in the mindset of someone taking the survey you created? We’ve upgraded our “Quick Preview” on the Editor page so you can do just that! You can now use the feature in “Respondent” or “Researcher” mode.

First, you can enter Quick Preview from either your dashboard or your Editor page.



Editor page:

Once you’re in the Quick Preview, you can select “Respondent” or “Researcher” mode.

Respondent Mode

Using the Quick Preview in Respondent mode will allow you to preview your survey exactly how your respondent will view the survey, including any skip logic or screening criteria you implemented. Previewing the survey as a respondent will also allow you to take the survey as a respondent without recording any results.


Researcher Mode

Viewing the survey in “Researcher” mode allows you to scroll back and forth through the survey freely, and will show you any skip logic or pre-screening criteria you’ve added to your survey. It’s a great way to quickly edit your survey, while giving you the look and feel of how the survey appears to respondents. You’re also able to skip to any question in the survey using the dropdown box on the right side of the screen.